Sunday, June 10, 2018

How to Make 50 to 100$ per day with Yoonla

Yoonla is an amazing program that pays $4 just for getting someone to enter their email address in a squeeze page.

The Yoonla™ digital lifestyle platform was founded by New Zealand based digital entrepreneur, Reno Van Boven. Back in 2006, after months of 15-hour days using a secondhand laptop, with massive debt, bills to pay and no job, Reno generated his first revenue online. Even though it was only a few hundred dollars, it made him realise the massive potential of the internet. After his first project generated a small success, he went on to create a number of successful projects and products, connecting with many people around the world.

Once he’d discovered how to successfully turn his own passion into a thriving business, it was time to teach others how to do the same, passing on the knowledge he’d gained from 12 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur. From then onwards, all time and energy was spent on creating the most simple and comprehensive digital lifestyle platform around – this is how Yoonla™ was created.

In just over a year, Yoonla has rapidly become the leading Digital Lifestyle platform, with over 1.5 million members taking the first step in creating their digital lifestyle business from scratch. With a slightly better laptop and his superb team behind him, Reno continues to provide a hands-on and personal approach to support the Yoonla community.

Our goal is to continue building a platform that helps everyone succeed; from our members and affiliates to our advertising partners and staff. In doing so, we hope to give everyone the opportunity to live a Digital Lifestyle they love

If you look at the corner of the people who advertise CPA, do not waste any money. CPA will pay commissions according to. But the people who advertise. For example, fill out the form, subscribe, buy items.
In this limited partnership, Yoonla has paid us $ 2- $ 4 or US $ 62-124 per free subscription.

I found a way to spend my free time. A few minutes a day to make money online work hundreds of thousands of income in a few months. You are ready to change your life. If you are ready to go. Register for free
Do not sell products do not send stock.
√ No need to invite people
√ Free Video Tutorial
√ Sign up for free
1  Enter a name and email and click " CREATE MY ACCOUNT "

2 Go to Gmail Inbox or Spam find email Yoonla Evolve and click " ACTIVATE YOUR YOONLA ACCOUNT"

If you don't see please wait a few second .
 3 Enter email and password (password same confirm password)

Step 4Click Activate your membership 

The best place to get free traffic is to make a facebook status update saying something like Who wants to earn $4 for everyone who enters their email address into a squeeze page? Like and Comment for info.”
Do not put a link in the post or it will reduce the number of people who see your post and by getting people to like and comment on your post it will increase the amount of people who see it.
When someone comments or messages you send them a message that says “Here is the $4 email submit info you requested and then give your link.
You can also post in facebook groups targeted to making money online or affiliate marketing.
When posting in groups include your link.

Step 5: Sign up with Yoonla Support " Sign Up Now



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